About Us


Nature holds secrets which have been passed on for centuries.
Over time mankind has learned to draw on its richness for purposes of beauty, taste, wellbeing and healing.
Drawn by these unique benefits, we have devoted our work to find the purest and best source of goodness nature has to provide.

Georgian Remedy has been established with the idea of reconnecting people today, with their specific needs and lifestyle, to the healing powers of nature, an age-old wisdom, evolved over centuries.
Working with the leading providers of natural supplements throughout the region, all committed to the highest manufacturing standards, Georgian Remedy supplies affordable, high quality alternative medicine.

Our Products

Covering a wide range of aliments and health needs, Georgian Remedy products offer you the opportunity to treat yourself and your loved ones with all natural substances, originating from pure minerals and plants.
We at Georgian Remedy take pride in making our products affordable and available to everyone desiring to improve their wellbeing, ease local physical pains and lead a healthier life.

Our Promise

We make it our mission to provide you with specifically selected supplements which we choose for their remedial and medical qualities.
It is important for us that everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of Georgian Remedy products. For this reason we make extra efforts in making sure our products are affordable and nationally available.
We see the need for preserving nature as the key element that will promise future generations, as well as ours, to share a better, healthier way of life. When we take care of nature it takes care of us.
Georgian Remedy seeks to bring its vision to new regions so it could spread the knowledge of the unique benefits of natural medicine.